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Angela. Mum, wife, teacher. Hungry!

Health issues made me question the diet we take for granted as being healthy in the western world. Almost 3 years later and we (meaning my little family – I’m the cook, they have no choice!) eat clean. A little bit Paleo, a little bit organic, local where possible. Always fresh and in season. Usually prepared in my thermie. LOVE that thing! ❤

(HUGE thanks to Kath Heke (photographer extraodinaire), Jo Whitton, Lauren Kelly, Jen Shaw and Rebekah Allan and all of you amazing people who gave me a parachute, packed some great snacks, wished me luck and pushed me off the cliff. I am still not too sure where we will all land,but thanks for being there every time I look over!)

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Congratulations on starting up something you believe in. I am just now going down the same path of paleo and thermomix (hopefully), so am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. Love your work, I have tried following you through bloglovin’ a great app that keeps all your blogs in one tidy little app, makes life so much easier than remembering who I’m following, however I can not follow you there. I have opted for the email blog although you may get loads more followers through this app. Ok ok I hear you, but I don’t know how to get it there, unfortunately neither do I but it might be worth looking into.
    Keep up the amazing work and ill have a little look around bloglovin’ to see if I can find you anything. You’ll have to keep your fingers crossed as I’m hopeless at this sort of thing. That’s why bloglovin’ is great for me. Maybe another of your followers may know how.
    Have a superb day

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