How did I get here?

How indeed! Just over a week ago I was home with a sick little boy, failing to find an extended amount of time to constructively work on my class reports when my thoughts wandered back to that ‘idea’ that has been bumping around in my head.

“Why not?” I said to myself. “Why not just start a little page? If nothing else, it will serve as a type of journal. A way to record recipes and links that inspire me…….”

That’s when I hit “Create Page” on Facebook. I shared my funny little page with some friends and acquaintances. Some of them have Thermomixes. Some of them eat clean. Some love Paleo. Some ask me questions about different kinds of flour and cacao. One of them owns a highly successful alternative eating blog that I follow like a groupie……………


Off to bed I went, checking my page at 84 likes. (Wahoo!! How exciting! I would have to think of something fun and yummy to share with them over the weekend.)

The next morning the alarm went off at it’s usual time. Bleary eyed, I rolled over to see if I had cracked the hundred mark (if I could be so bold to assume…….)

A message from my friend, Lauren. It simply read,”What have I done?”

Lauren talked to Jo. Jo talked to 33 000 others. 4 000 of those decided *giggling madly behind their laptops and phones* to pop over and visit my little page.

I don’t think my heart left my mouth for a full 24 hours. I watched my liker list grow. And grow. And GROW to a phenomenal number, almost tipping the scales at 9 000.

My first instinct was to run to the corner and rock quietly with my fingers in my ears. My second instinct was to place a blanket over my rocking self. My third instinct was to take chocolate under the blanket with me for ‘company’.

My lasting instinct is to ride this roller-coaster. To continue my ‘little’ page in the same way it was intended. To just be honest, open and curious (and intensely grateful). To show my little group of interested followers what I do, how I eat and what I strive for. If you are all enjoying yourselves you will stay. If not, that’s ok too.

I am not an expert on anything but my own self. I will never pretend to be something I am not or give you nutritional guidance or professional advice. There are some amazing practitioners out there who will do that for you.

All I promise to do is post some recipes now and then, in my own imperfect way. I can tell you how I have changed my way of eating and living. And I can promise to love every little bit of this journey.

I am LOVING this roller coaster ride so far. Thank you for riding with me.

I still cannot believe I was part of something so weirdly awesome.

19 thoughts on “How did I get here?

  1. Well I love your new page… love healthier options for cooking and totally new at the ‘Clean eating, paleo, and waiting to order my thermomix’ so would love interesting facts, recipes and anything else others can share that I can learn from so thanks x

  2. Yaaaaahhhoooooo!!! Enjoy the ride, and thanks for being such a good sport over our bit of fun!! 😀 We’re all looking forward to your posts – an everyday mum cooking healthy food for her family is what so many of us are interested in! Have fun!! xxx

  3. Beautifully written Angela. I look forward to the coming posts. I also like to share your recipes with my daughters. Well done.

  4. thank you, I also enjoy your page, I’m a mum and grandma, and enter competitions that suit
    family, laptops, sewing machines, as my grandies are teenager and adult age ,no little ones
    yet,I love the new mums using facebook to help others and to be the best mums they can be.

  5. Hi there, congratulations! No doubt it’s meant to be karma and all 🙂

    Can I ask your advice I’d love to set up a site for my mum, she knits beautiful baby wear for my girls. What do you advise about photography? I love your picture above – very professional! Do you have an advanced camera?


    • Thank you! My advice on photography is actually a bit of a cheat….. I am lucky enough to have a very talented friend (actually quite a few come to think of it) who is a professional photographer who took those shots for the blog. I dabble with my DSLR, but really don’t have a clue what I am doing! 🙂

  6. Hi there, a mutual friend directed me to your page and blog. Am so glad she did. Congratulations on your success. This all aligns with my thinking and values and I have been on my own personal wellness journey with my family. Well done for going with your instincts….there has never been a greater need for sharing, inspiring and motivating people to making better choices in terms of nutrition and what they choose to eat. Just to end on this note…….”To accomplish great things, we must not only ACT, but also DREAM, not only PLAN, but also BELIEVE” This is what you have done and I am inspired by that.

  7. Thank you for going with the flow and riding the “roller coaster” love your honest thoughts and love your recipes so far and looking forward to many more musings and recipes

  8. Xxxxx
    I did giggle when I clicked like!!
    I stay for the ideas and the “sharing”.
    I really enjoyed this entry.
    Please keep riding the rollercoaster with us.

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