Simple Spelt Bread

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Spelt Bread with coconut butter and whole fruit jam – A delicious, wholesome treat


500g white spelt flour

generous pinch of fine celtic / himalayan sea salt

50g extra virgin olive oil

2 teaspoons dried yeast

260g warm water


Place all ingredients in TM bowl (take care not to mix salt and yeast – eg place salt on the bottom, then flour, then yeast, oil and water.) Mix on Sp 6 for 6 seconds.

Knead for 2 minutes and then place in a covered, oiled bowl in a warm place until mixture doubles in size. Knock down and reshape, placing it in a well oiled (lined with baking paper helps) loaf tin.

You have two choices here. You can either allow it to rise a second time, then bake OR you can pop it into a cold oven and it will rise as the oven reaches temperature.

Tap the centre of the loaf as it browns (approx half and hour, depending on depth of the dough). If it sounds hollow, it is cooked.

Allow to cool, then turn out onto a board.



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Spelt dough after first rise

This is a great recipe to ‘play’ with. I often grind a combination of buckwheat and quinoa (even millet) and reduce the amount of spelt. It’s best eaten fresh, but toasts beautifully for a few days.

Thanks to Quirky Jo for the original recipe (and for inspiring my inner baker!)

x Ang