Thick, Dark and Luscious *****Strawberry Jam! ******

This recipe is totally and utterly the result of my fan-like devotion to all things ‘Tenina’!


Here is the link to the original recipe for Strawberry Vanilla Jam.


Every year I wait, (IM)patiently, for strawberry season to begin. THIS is why!


Jam ingredients

This recipe has been slightly tweaked to reduce the sugar content (I use less each time) and I add less apple as I find it is such a firm jam without the whole apple.


2 punnets strawberries (washed, then hulled)

rapadura (half the weight of the strawberries after hulling)

half an apple, sliced, skin on

large piece of lemon zest (no pith) and approx 1 tbspn lemon juice

half vanilla bean

Jam cooking


  1. Place all ingredients in Thermie bowl. (I have reduced the amount of sweetener. Eg, the last time, I had 420g fruit and 170g rapadura)
  2. Cook on Varoma temp, Sp 1 for 30 minutes, placing basket on top in place of the MC
  3. Many jam recipes will call for testing on chilled plates to see if your jam ‘wrinkles’. I find this jam is really thick every time, but if you want to, drip some of the hot jam onto a cold plate and ‘push’ it to see if it looks thick.
  4. Allow to cool slightly and pour into sterilised jars.
  5. Hurry up and make some scones, cos you are gonna NEED them soon – knowwhatimsayin’?

Finished jam